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The Body Speaks & Emanations - Contemporary art by Angela Johal

  Exhibition: April 27 to June 2
  Reception: Saturday, April 27, 6-9 pm

Angela Johal - Click to see portfolio

In "The Body Speaks" series, Livermore artist, Angela Johal, works primarily with repurposed material. Johal is a past realist painter who has become enamored with real objects that become familiar, tactile and more relatable to the world of consumers. Johal also writes poems to accompany many of her pieces. The series explores the life of the “Nuclear Woman” that incorporates original 60s vintage images and missed media They are reflective of her life growing up in a time when the role of the woman was defined by a male-dominated society. The beginnings of social change and the longing to be free are apparent. The eyes that appear in most of Johal’s work look out onto the viewer demanding a response and suggest that little has changed over time and that the roles of women are still being defined by men. "Emanations" is a series of circle paintings in oil that further examine the meaning of the eye that appears again and again in Johal’s work. 
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